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ULTY : what we do

Centralized management of your online sales channels

Centralized order management

Manage your various channels' offerings from a single tool : define the menus published on the platforms and the categories & products within from ULTY. No need to use the Uber Eats or Deliveroo tablets

Order and  inventory management

Your inventory is updated automatically and in real time on online sales platforms via Ulty

Performance Tracking

Realtime reporting spots operational opportunities and best selling products.

A single interface for all your sales platforms

Available from your POS system

Ulty is available on your cash register if it is part of our system

Accessible on a tablet

Discover our Ulty interface on tablet or smartphone if your cash register system is not part of our partners

Accessible everywhere

Access your Ulty account from any device with your access codes using our cloud installation.

Simplified management of your POS operations

Order management

Get all your orders processed in real time on Ulty, no more need to keep multiple tablets in your stores.

Streamlined order preparation

Ulty assists you in preparing orders by visually displaying which products to pick. No more time wasted when picking products !

Easily register your orders

If you haven't connected Ulty to your cash register system, don't worry, the platform enables you to easily register your orders using bar codes.

Looking for more?

Don't worry, plenty more features are being developed and will be released on the application soon!

Coming soon :
A smart marketing tool !

Building a customer base 

Marketing campaigns programming 

Automated customer segmentation 

A targeted and complimentary loyalty program

Reporting and ROI tracking by activity 

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